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Current Partners

In Montgomery, MD, as a result of agreements brokered by GACED, Positivity works to employ and train apprentices referred by private organizations such as Emmanuel Brinkloe Seventh Day Adventist Church and public agencies such as the County Division of Housing Opportunities Commission.

In Prince George’s County, MD, GACED has been recruiting apprentices with hardships privately through online and face-to-face solicitation.

Positivity Process

We clean the same way, every time. So we don’t fail. Here’s what you can expect when you see us at work-

  1. We make every effort to document all the details but avoid paper. Your reservations, contract invoices, receipts, invitations, and updates sent via email. All you have to do is tell us what you want! You’ll never have to print anything.
  2. The contents of each compartment is bagged respectively. That means all the stuff in the top drawer goes into one bag; the stuff in the nightstand goes in a bag of its own, the same for the office area, garage and so on.
  3. Our technicians are trained to safely remove non-contaminated bio-hazard, crayon, marker, coffee, juice/soda as well as most other stains.
  4. Every surface we treat is cleaned thoroughly, often retouching the same area as much 8 times.
  5. Our eco-safe chemical clean process preserves leather and clothe material, preventing cracking and burning sometimes caused by steam cleaners.
  6. We use no more than 1/2 Gallon of water for each wash. We don’t rinse or “power-wash” your vehicle, we lather only small areas at a time, cleaning each section until restored, ensuring that all dirt is removed and water marks are cured.
  7. Two buffers are always used during wax process. An application of wax compound is applied using one buffing machine. Then, using another machine set to low RPM cycling, exterior paint fading and transference is corrected.


Positivity Partners

We believe in doing more than our fair share. Because we can, we do. Find out more about Positivity = Charity promoted on facebook by clicking the picture above.


Positivity Products

Positivity uses and evaluates premium chemicals and equipment from various vendors. This practice assures that the best available products are used to care for our client’s vehicles.

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